Commercial Rent Reviews

Bartley West Chartered Surveyors offer commercial rent reviews on commercial properties across the South of England. 


An overview of commercial rent reviews

Commercial rent reviews are definitely an area where a tenant needs help or a landlord should obtain professional guidance within the process.

We will negotiate with either landlord or tenant (or their agent) and represent you in negotiations whether it then proceeds in front of either the arbitrator or the independent expert appointed by the RICS to settle the dispute.


Let's work together

Why Bartley West?

Bartley West Limited has been a specialist Survey & Valuation firm across the South of England since 2012, All valuations are undertaken only by a fully qualified MRICS RICS Registered Valuer with the knowledge and expertise needed to undertake the work for you. We provide our advice to you in a way that is clear, easy to understand, compliant with requirements and delivered within your required timescales.

Get your Commercial Rent Review quote

If you need a Commercial Rent Review, do get in touch whether by phone, email or via our online forms. Whilst we offer online services with instant quotes for speed and efficiency, our friendly team are on the other end of the phone or email if you have queries or want to talk the process through.

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